Rebel Heart without the Heart

13042154 Okay so things I did not like about  this book:

 Lugh, seriously anytime he
was on the page I wanted to tell him to just stop talking.

 Tommo, he was
passive aggressive in his creepiness. I thought this was really sad because he
was a good guy in the first one.

 Saba's actions three fourths into the
book. Not going into more detail than that due to spoiler

 Things I did like:

 The author's way of showing how
the things which had happened in the first book had adversely affected Saba

 I really liked Molly's personality and how she
interacted with Jack and Saba.

I liked how it ended. There was a little action and a spattering of fluffy goodness.

I had a hard time with how more than one character would not take responsibility for their own actions, thoughts, and feelings. Fault belonged to someone else the whiny characters told the person they blamed that yes this was your fault. This happened to an
excess, became off putting and dragged my feelings about the book way down.