Blood Red Road - Moira Young Saba's twin brother Lugh got kidnapped by the Tonton. Saba vowed she would rescue him. Their little sister Emmi decided to tag along. In the process they fight kidnappers, a drug ring, cage fights, battles, and fires. They make friends with revolutionaries called Free Hawks and former slaves who help them in their quest. The book takes place in the future where the big cities we have today have rusted and fallen. There are small settlements and lawlessness.I had problems with how Saba treated her sister. She is mean to Emmi through the entire book. I did get tired of the attitude. I liked the descriptions and environments the author invoked. The language was a little difficult to get past, but once I did I no longer noticed it. I was unsure about the relationship between Jack and Saba. They like each other and that is plain to see, but Saba did not know how to handle the attraction. I think Jack should have tried to figure out why she was resistant to a relationship. Instead he ran hot and cold. That just confused her more. It began to feel a little yoyoish. I did enjoy where the relationship was at the end of the book.Overall I thought this book was an good book and I liked it and I am looking forward to reading the second book.