Thankless in Death - J.D. Robb It starts with Jerry killing his parents. Lieutenant Eve Dallas spends the rest of the book trying to catch him.I must confess J. D. Robb is the only author I can think of whose books I always buy the day they come out and immediately read as fast as I can. With this one I managed to hold off opening it until I had the book in my possession for almost five hours. I have found I am selectively squeamish about certain things. When I think about things that make my skin crawl I always think of the TV show Dirty Jobs, the episode Bridge Painter, where Mike Rowe goes inside a suspension bridge. Watching him as he crawls down a space that is barely wider than his shoulders makes me squirm. I had a couple of similar moments while reading the book.I love the interaction Eve has with the family she has formed throughout the series. I had fun with this one because everyone in her family was there. All of the side characters who have a connection with Eve's life, this made for some fun moments.It felt as if the story was more motivated by what was happening outside the case than the actual solving, which usually propels the storyline in one of these books. I think this was probably because we knew who the killer was from the beginning.