Tainted - A.E. Rought I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.First of all I do need to confess I have not read the first book in the series. I am not sure if that influenced my feelings or not. Normally I like retellings. I will admit that Frankenstein is not my favorite book, but that was not my problem with this one. The Frankenstein aspect of the book was actually the most interesting part.Of all the characters I liked Jason the best. I liked his attitude about life. By the end his attitude about death had gotten a little morbid, but by that point in the book I felt he was entitled.I felt like Alex kept running around in circles. He would go try to save the day and put a band aid on the problem. Then go have conversations, with his friends, his mentor and his ex-girlfriend. Then something would happen and he would try to save the day again with the same band aid. The entire book circled around and around until finally the climax at the end.I had a problem with Hailey's motivation for everything she was doing. She kept telling us what she wanted, but then her actions did not feel like that is what she was really going after. There was no other motivation given for her actions, so what she said she wanted must have been what she was really aiming at, but it did not feel sincere. I guess that was a problem with my interpretation of the writing.The relationships within the story felt skewed. Between Emma and Alex especially. Her dead boyfriend hanging around because he couldn't let Emma go just came off creepy. Emma's character was weak therefore Alex had to go and rescue her every time anything happened.