The End of Your Life Book Club - Will Schwalbe I love his descriptions of his mother. The comparison to the airline among others. I could see that in my own family, how my mother is central. My father died four years ago and I still miss him. I can not imagine the time when I will no longer be able to talk to my mother everyday. I thought this was a beautiful way for the author to say he missed her.I buy books as presents. Once someone reaches around age seven or so in my family it is rare for them to get anything but a book from me. I don't really think very many of them actually read the books, but they still get them. I loved how Mary Anne did the same thing. My favorite line in the book was, "That's one of the things books do. They help us talk. But they also give us something we all can talk about when we don't want to talk about ourselves." I like the idea of being able to read a book around the same time as someone else and being able to talk about it. My problem is if I get unhappy with a book I put it down until I get past that part. This means it can take me forever to read some books. Not sure that would really work in a reading partnership. Still like the concept though.