The Thief - Megan Whalen Turner Gen was a thief taken out of the king's prison to steal an ancient stone. The possessor of the stone was said to be the rightful ruler of the neutral country, Eddis, between Attolia and Sounis. Both countries viewed Eddis as the means to conquer their enemy. They were each trying to become the ruler. Sounis saw the stone as one way to do that. The story is about the group who goes to steal the stone.From the beginning I was unable to figure out how Gen could be as stupid as he seemed. From everything I have ever understood in order to be a successful thief you need to be smart. From every indication Gen was a successful thief except he was in prison. I found the explanation satisfying.I did find the book slow to get into. I was unsure if it was because it was actually slow or if it was because the main character seemed so stupid and I kept getting flashes of how stupid my brother could be in a similar way. After a few chapters the book really picked up though.At the beginning of the story I kept feeling like I had missed something I thought it had something to do with what made him end up in prison in the first place. In the end I liked where the story went and how it ended. I would be interested in reading the next book in the series.