A Brewing Storm - Richard Castle Derrick Storm was pulled back into the world of the CIA when a senator's stepson was kidnapped.Derrick Storm is from books written by the fictional Richard Castle that do not actually exist. There is a graphic novel with the character that has been published, which the story makes more than one reference to information the reader was supposed to have gained by reading. I have never been into graphic novels so I did not read it before reading this story. Normally when reading a book that is not supposed to be the first in the series the reader will miss certain jokes or references from the previous books, but authors do not want to alienate people so they generally keep the story moving forward and if a moment from a previous book is mentioned they will either explain or keep the memory brief enough that it doesn't detract from the current plot. The references to the past in this story were just annoying. They were too many to be considered brief and very few of them were actually explained in a way that satisfied.It was almost as if Storm was supposed to be the American Bond without the charisma. Every time he spoke to April I was thinking just stop talking. He couldn't come up with a better line than, "Come up to my suite for a debriefing"? Well I am completely shocked she didn't fall for that.This story could have easily been a much longer book. The characters, ones we were supposed to already know and those we were just introduced to, had no background. This made them all feel like cardboard cutouts. The plot could have been thicker. Instead of getting information about the kidnapping in a report the story could have started with that as an actual seen. It would have given us a better connection to the victim. That is just one example. I felt like I was being told a story instead of reading it. I was just skipping across the surface instead of diving into the water.