A Tale of Two Castles - Greg Call, Gail Carson Levine I received this through good reads giveaways.I think I would rate this book a 2.5. It got bumped up to three because the cover art is really pretty.I liked the characters Lodie, the Masteress and his Lordship. I liked that Lodie was able to overcome her prejudices so quickly. I had a hard time with the age of the main character. At times she acted like she was thirty other times she acted like she was eight. I didn't find it all that realistic that her parents let her leave home at twelve, if they couldn't afford to go with her why did they let her go look for an apprenticeship two years earlier than normal? It also bugged me that almost everyone was influenced by a word or two. One negative remark about a character and most other characters would automatically condemn whoever the remark was about.It was an ok book. Not great, and not bad just sort of there.