Sky Jumpers: Through the Bomb's Breath: Book 1 - Peggy Eddleman

I was given this book by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


The book takes place post World War III. The last round of bombs left the population of the earth severely depleted and many of the natural compositions, such as metals and plants, forever changed. Hope and friends sneak off to jump cliffs into another remnant of the bombs known as the Bomb's Breath, which is able to kill instantly if someone tries to breath within it. One day bandits invade their little town and threaten the population for medicine.


Most books of this type I have read tends to focus on one thing. The need for food or protection. I thought the author's focus on inventing was an interesting choice.


I did like how the author made it completely plausible the best solution would come from three preteens. In most books where the main character is a child and they are the ones who fix the big problem of the book, I ask myself where are the adults? This book gave a reasonable answer to that question.


I also liked how everyone in the community was responsible to contribute to making the community better. They all felt the responsibility and all tried their best to live up to that responsibility