Review: Paradigm

Paradigm - Helen Stringer

I received this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


This book takes place in a distopian future. Most of society had broken down and what was left was run by corrupt corporations and an artificial life form known and MUTHA. The main character's name was Sam. He was traveling around the country trying to stay alive and away from any large city. MUTHA spent the book looking for Sam and Sam spent the book trying to avoid MUTHA.


There were some plot problems with in the book. One of them I had a problem with was how the characters acquired food and water. If they were as scarce as the author said there should have been less scenes centered around food.


The characters were interesting. Some of them were Alma who could do anything physical and still be likable. Bast who was creatively unlikable. Vincent who was neither and Bethany the child were was so stupid she couldn't help but be sweet.


There was enough actions and fast paced movement which made the book interesting. This was a fun fast read.