Vanish - Tess Gerritsen

My favorite character in this series is Gabriel Dean. I do find him attractive. I feel I must say he is much cuter in my head than he is in the TV show. His feelings and thoughts toward Jane is one of the things about him I like the most.

The switch between listening to what happened to Mila and what was happening to Jane was interesting, especially since we weren't fully told who Mila was until near the end of the book. I understand the forced sex trade is a serious subject and is a real problem. I am sorry to say this book did not give me more sympathy towards the victims. Not sure if that is a reflection of my personal apathy which I should probably work on or if it is a reflection of the writing.

One thing that does bug me is Maura. Honestly if there is a male character in the story she flirts or more with him. The biggest personality trait she was given in these books is a libido. She is a main character in a multi-book series she really should have a little more personality.