Witch & Wizard  - James Patterson, Gabrielle Charbonnet My reaction to this book was, REALLY? I understand it is a narrative tool when the main characters don't know what is happening so the reader can learn along with the characters. I do beleive there is no way a government could be completely over thrown, a new one put into place, new vocabulary and rules all put into effect with everyone in the book knowing all of these things except the main characters. These two teenagers go to bed with everything being normal and are awoken a couple of hours later with everything changed. They are the only ones not to know what is happening. Sorry my ability to suspend my level of disblief just doesn't extend that far.While reading this I felt like I was in a car with a new driver learning to drive a stick. The sudden jerks and stops. The feel of the book was jerky. They would end a thought then the next one felt like the authors were saying, "Oh yeah, we were wanting to go here next. Lets do this."