Sanctuary (Trade Paperback) - Nora Roberts Most of the book takes place on and aisle named Desire. The main character Jo Ellen believed her mother had abbanoned her when Jo was a child, so there were issues there. At the start of the book Jo had been stalked by someone unknown who sent her pictures that had been taken without her knowledge. Jo decided to go back to her childhood home to try to get a handle on things. The book being a romance of course she met a guy.I found the book a little slow in places. I didn't like that everyone accepted that Annabelle had just left her family when everything she had done before that said she was a good wife and mother. There were characters we were supposed to like that I just could not relate to. I did like Jo and her brother Brian's stories along with thier romances. I never did care about their sister Lexy or what she was doing.