Review: The Queen of Attolia

The Queen of Attolia - Megan Whalen Turner

Eugenides was known as the man who could steal anything. In this book he was caught and paid the price. Then in recovering he was required to steal a man, a navy and a queen.


I enjoyed the beginning, but for awhile I was unsure where she was going. Then the middle came where she had the war and the strategies of the war. Country A fought country B and won some islands. Country B fought and won back some islands. Country C was stuck in the middle. It dragged a little.


I really liked the end. I felt as though it could have been developed a little more. We could have gotten more detail about what each character was doing and thinking, but I did enjoy it. I liked the characters. I cared what would happen to Eugenides Eddis, and Attolia. I liked how everyone underestimated each other.


I am curious how the author will continue the story with the next book.