Review: Dead Until Dark

Dead Until Dark  - Charlaine Harris

Sookie Stackhouse, a psychic, was excited about meeting her first vampire. Then women within her town began to be murdered.


I honestly feel as if I have arrived late to the party by not reading this sooner. I am unsure if I should have accepted the invitation. It also felt something similar to peer pressure convincing me I should read this. I am feeling the same about the rest of the series.


I found the main character Sookie to be inconsistent. She had been reading people's minds her entire life. At one point a cop is trying to get a rise out of her by graphically describing different sexual acts, but a few chapters later she is not sure how a basic position such as being on top would work? Yep, I found that completely believable. She had no idea what she wanted and she didn't know if what she ended up with fell into the category of a good thing.


The "love" interest did not have an actual personality. The extent of characteristics we were given was his being a very possessive vampire. He wouldn't tell her anything about were he was going, where he had been and what he was doing.


There were two characters I did like. Gran, she only wanted Sookie to be happy and to have fun in life. I also liked Sam. Even though Sookie was with someone else he had her best interests as his main concern. I liked how he took care of her when she was worried about her boyfriend.


The one interesting part of the book was the murder mystery. However, the murders were secondary. Once in awhile it would be mentioned that someone else had died, but we weren't given any real clues about who might have done it. Then when Sookie confronted the killer it was basically because she blundered into it.