Review: Blackmoore

Blackmoore - Julianne Donaldson

Kate wanted to go to India with her Aunt and she made a deal with her mother. The only way she was able to make it was with the help of a childhood friend Henry.

I really loved her last book. I even bought multiple copies and gave them to people. I think that might be why I had high expectations for this book. I also think that might be why my rating isn't higher.

I really liked Kate, Henry and the maid Alice. They were the only characters I did like. The rest were mean, cross, or flat. I have a hard time seeing parents purposely being mean to their children. I know it happens in the real world, but I think it is overall the exception or at least not consciously done. At least I would hope so. In this book it seems as if the mothers are actually out to get their children.

One of the main images in the book is a bird in a cage and how it isn't free. I began to feel like I was also in a cage and hemmed in. I could see this as good imagery in the writing, but I also did not enjoy the sensation.