Review: Everlast

Everlast - Andria Buchanen

I received this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Allie and four others were dragged through a book into a land where she was declared queen and told they were destined to save said land.

For the first half of the book I kept thinking with a few modifications it would have made a better children's or preteen story. Around the halfway mark things began to get more graphic and I decided the children's book idea had flown away.

There were enough stereotypes to be off putting. Among them were the popular jock who was mean to everyone he believed was beneath him and told Allie she was his girlfriend because she was going to be queen. Another was the pretty girl from the real world who relied only on her looks and expected everyone and everything to flock to her and do her bidding.

I did like Allie's attitude towards the other creatures she met throughout the story. She was respectful and tried to get to know them. She didn't just expect everyone to bow to her just because she was the queen.

There was a major plot point I did not like. These people got sucked into a book and the memories of them got erased from those left in the real world. The only one who really seemed bothered by this was Allie. She was the only one who was actively trying to get home. Everyone else just accepted it and moved on. From the beginning they made lives for themselves in this weird land. I thought, well so much for family love and friendships.