Review: Let It Snow

Let It Snow - Erica Ridley

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Lance trying to get money went into a cursed castle and got stuck.

I am really unsure what I was expecting, but I can definitely say this wasn't it. I found the description interesting, but from the beginning I wondered what is happening. I couldn't figure out why Lance had a sword, bow and arrows on him from the first page when he lived in a world of smart phones and handguns. Then we met the girl Marigold, who hadn't spent a lot of time with other people for six-hundred years. The author tried to have her language be from that time period. The idea was good if she had managed to keep it up. The language became sporadic.

There were holes and inconsistencies throughout the story. The author would tell us something then write herself into a corner and then she would have something happen which would contradict the rule established. She was shoveling dirt into the holes and hopping we wouldn't notice. Sorry I noticed.

I did enjoy the flow and ease of the story.